Fort Napoleon

Fort Napoleon has seen hundreds of years of history. The French awaited the English in trepidation, German soldiers used the impenetrable pentagon as a buffer against the Allies, and local youths kissed their first sweethearts here. Few are left to tell the story, but the sturdy walls of Fort Napoleon were once silent witnesses to every smile, tear and kiss in the Fort.

Discover a story trail as it traces the history of the Fort. You hear familiar and unfamiliar voices which reveal the building’s secrets: Bakers whose flour was stolen by soldiers so they could pay for girls of ill repute; the cold misery of winter in the Fort; or the clandestine meetings of Ostend locals. There is a special tour for children. Listen and whisper, enjoy the tranquillity, and be amazed by the impressive architecture of this monument.

Fort Napoleon is easily accessible via the free ferry service or public transport. Ample parking space is also provided. After your visit you can spend time in the many new shops and eating areas of Oosteroever. Enjoy the beautiful street art of The Crystal Ship or get a breath of fresh air on the beach.

But most of all, don't forget to tell the walls of the Fort your own story - the future may be listening.